Low temperature hard wax is used on all delicate areas: face, underarms, and bikini. All services are performed with the greatest of
care by trained technicians -- leaving you with a cleaner, more hygienic and physically aesthetic body.

-Half Leg—Lower- $30 Upper -$40+
-Full Leg—$70+
-Half Arm—Lower -$25 Upper 30+
-Full Arm—$50+
-Full Face—(forehead/checks/side burn/upper lip/chin -$45 plus eyebrow-$60
-Hand or Foot—$ 10+        Underarms—$18+
-Ear -- $15                Nose -- $10
-Sideburns, Lip or Chin—$10  each area  
-Customized Eyebrow Shaping—$18+ tinting —$15
-Bikini—$35+-Bikini Deep—$40+
-Brazilian—$65+;  3-4 weeks follow up $45+; 7-10 weeks follow up $50
-Full body female (arms, underarm, legs, Brazilian) $175+
-Men's brow Grooming  -- $18+
-Men's Back , Chest, Stomach or Buttock—$30+ each area
-Manzilian--$75+; 3-4 Weeks Follow up $55+ and 7-10 weeks follow up $60+
-Full Body male (neck,  back, arms, underarm, legs, chest, manzilian) $250+

Add-ons: tinting $15 & special design (heart, rose, arrow..etc)$15

-If you are on Acutain, Retin-A, Renova, glycolic acid or antibiotics waxing service is not recommended
-Let hair grow out 2 to 3 week or about a quarter of an inch before waxing appointment.
-Exfoliate the areas that will be waxed 1day before your appointment with a body scrub.
-Stay out of the sun/tanning, sauna, steam room, hot shower before and after your waxing.
-If your skin is sensitive before your period, try to schedule your waxing appointment a few day after.

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