Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion greatly enhances poor, dull skin texture by gently resurfacing the superficial skin layers; around the
mouth; polishes and reduces fine lines on the cheeks generally caused by aging and sun damage; smooth pigment changes or skin
discoloration; reduces enlarged pores by exfoliation and suction of clogged pores; polishes and smooth the margins of acne and
mask, and sunscreen with Vitamin C, E, Green tea extract.
 1 Treatment $  90; 6 Treatments $500; 12 Treatments $950

This advanced skin resurfacing technology offers the most sophisticated and advanced approach to healthy, younger looking skin for
all ages.  It is fast and virtually pain-free but is capable of removing 10-100 microns of skin layer per treatment.  It influences cellular
regeneration and epidermal collagen growth.

According to the clinical insights of dermatologic surgeon John M.Yarborough, MD. (1999 annual Clinical and Scientific meeting of the
American Society for Dermatologic Surgery)   Microdermabrasion is known to:

-Greatly enhance poor dull skin texture by gently resurfacing the superficial skin layers.
-Soften and modify fine “ expression” lines on the forehead and around the mouth.
-Polish and reduce fine lines on the cheeks generally caused by aging and sun damage.
-Smooth pigment changes or skin discoloration.
-Reduce enlarged pores by exfoliation and suction of clogged pores and polish and smooth the margins of acne and burn scars


This new facial restores skin's natural cellular activity, which increases radiance, moisture, and circulation.  The enhanced formation of
new capillaries and the improved production of collagen will mean smoother, firmer, more youthful looking skin.  Light Therapy also
decreases certain flaws, such as blemishes, Rosacea, age spots, fine lines, & broken capillaries.  This facial requires no down time -
Light Therapy treatments take only 30-40 minutes from beginning to end.  
.$100 each session; $550 for 6 Sessions

Light Therapy uses red & infrared LED light LED light (light-emitting diodes) to heal skin.   Unlike a laser, which is a focused beam of
light that can be intense enough to "burn" tissue, LED's do not deliver enough power to damage the tissue.  However, they do deliver
enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.  LED light is dispersed more evenly and the effects are more
uniform than a laser

Forty years of scientific research has resulted in the beauty industry's newest wave of facials- LED light rejuvenation therapy.  Among
the 2,500 scientific papers published on the subject, Light Therapy has made the covers of National Geographic (Jan. 2001), Popular
Science (April 2000), and Biophotonics International (Oct 2000).

Light therapy - Light Emitting Diode (LED) light therapy is known to increase the production of natural collagen as well as the level of
blood circulation. Light therapy is based on the concept of multiple wavelenghts of light energy being sent through the skin, creating
heat in the dermis that stimulates cellular activity and sixty to one-hundred-eighty days since it takes time for collagen to form and

This is not a new or fleeting science.  Light Therapy has been used in the medical profession for over 30 years. Aside from the
results, the best news is that Light Therapy has no reported side effects.  It's safe enough to be used in children's hospitals and is a
proven healing treatment for jaundice, gum disease, mouth and skin ulcers, temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ), tendonitis, and
carpal tunnel syndrome.

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  • If you are on Acutain, Retin-A, Renova, glycolic acid or antibiotics waxing, facials,microdermabrasion, facial peel and body
services are not recommended.
  • Stay out of the sun/tanning, sauna, steam room, hot shower before and after your treatment.
  • If your skin is sensitive before your period, try to schedule your treatment appointment a few day after.
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