-Tan T. Tran MAT-12771                -Neil Garces MAT-12493                -Angelica Capili MAT-14208        
-Wallace Kahuhu MAT-10225        -"Sun"Mike Wong-6306                 -"Kalani" Darlene Lee MAT-2958          
-Alona Hernandez MAT-9840         -J Vivit MAT-16433                        -Cris Lapitan MAT-12353               
-Fumiyo Ueda MAT-11094             -Andrea Flores MAT- 15636           -Yukiko Faulkner MAT-15358   

In the state of Hawaii if you're involved in a car accident or work injury, your insurance may pay for 100% of your Massage, Chiropractic & Acupuncture
treatments; call us to set up an appointment & we'll take care of all the paperwork.

Swedish, Sports, or Deep Tissue Massage: A relaxing massage that helps increase circulation, release muscle tension, & improve muscle tone & skin
30 min ($40); 45 min ($58); 60 min($75); 90 min ($108); 2 hours ($140)

Couple massage:
A wonderful way to relax & unwind in the same room with your special someone.
30 min ($40) each person; 45 min ($58) each person; 60 min ($75) each person; 90 min ($108) each person; 2 hours ($140) each person.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi:
Is a beautiful and sensual traditional Hawaiian massage that integrates areas of the body
that were once disconnected.  It helps release muscle tension, energy blockages, and  simultaneously,
gives the energy new direction.
30 min ($40); 45 min ($58); 60 min ($75); 90 min ($108); 2 hours ($140)

Aromatherapy Massage:
A meditative, full body massage, using our special blend of essential oils, choose from sleep well,
muscle comfort or energy.
30 min ($45); 45 min ($63.75) ; 60 min ($85); 90 min ($115); 2hours ($145)

 Shiatsu utilizes the meridian system to restore balance and regain the vital life flow of Qi. The practitioner’s calm and meditative presence allows
them to find imbalances in the meridian system so they may restore homeostasis. Facilitated stretching and the use of thumbs, elbows, knees, and palms are
gently used to bring vitality to body soul and mind.
60 min ($75); 90 min ($108); 2 hours ($140)

Traditional Thai/Yoga Massage:
This ancient Wat Po’s( the temple of reclining Buddha) massage technique  combining a unique blend of deep tissue
massage along the body energy lines called “Sen Line” and yoga stretching techniques to reduce stress and muscle soreness.
60 min ($85); 90 min ($115); 2hours ($145)

Sabai Rejuvenating Stone Massage:
“Saibai” is a Thai expression for well-being.
Sabai’s  synchronized  therapeutic massage with micronized minerals Malacite and Zincite,
destresses your entire being....mind, body and spirit.
60 min ($85); 90 min ($115); 2hours ($150)

Siam Style Foot Reflexology:   
 More than a foot massage, this ancient art will help to maintain a good circulation of vital
body-energy and improves your  general health.
30 min ($36); 45 min ($55); 60 min ($71);   90 min ($100); 2hours ($130)

Pregnancy massage:
Designed to give relief to the special needs of the mother-to-be. Relieve weight-bearing tension,
increase circulation and reduce swelling while relaxing yourself, and relax the baby too! Excellent baby shower gift!!
30 min ($40); 45 min ($58); 60 min ($75); 90 min ($108)

Medical Massage for Auto or Work injury-
suffer from neck pain, headache, mid back pain/lower back pain?
In the state of Hawaii if you're involved in a car accident or work injury, your insurance may pay for 100% of your Massage, Chiropractic & Acupuncture
this massage helps to remove lactic acid, break adhesions, increase circulation and decrease swelling, congestion and pain.  Indicates for Auto
    •Massage treatment prescription from your primary doctor
    •Date of your injury
    •Your Insurance & Claim number
Work injury- Please have the following information before schedule an appointment:
    •Massage treatment prescription from your primary doctor that approved by your insurance adjuster
    •Date of injury
    Your Insurance & Claim number

Massage Add On’s   $15 —Back and neck steam with our Stress or Toxin relief oil (15min.), Ultrasonic therapy recommend for chronic back pain(5min.) or
Aromatic head & neck lymphatic drainage(10min.)


Purifying Acne Back Treatment: A cleansing treatment for problematic back and shoulders, using the Problematic skin
care line to exfoliate and purify.  Simple steps are taken to control oil production of the skin. 7
0 min. ($78)

Green Coffee Slimming & Detoxing Body Wrap—
green coffee contains many beneficial enzymes and vitamins
which are known for antioxidant and healing properties. Deeply moisturizing anti-toxin treatment soothes and
firms the skin leaving it evenly textured and radiant. Especially helpful for cellulite areas.
 90 min. ($95)

Lumafirm Lift and Glow Body Wrap-
Enriched with an exclusive combination of antiaging extracts, the latest in peptides, and an amazing liposomic
technology. This wrap leaves every inch of skin velvety soft while rendering your body visibly rejuvenated, instantly firmer, and more toned. Experience the
visible difference for yourself.
 90 min. ($115)

**Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Acupuncturists & Doctors providing services at BMS are idependent contractors who are not employees or agents of BMS.  
These independent contractors set their own schedule, fee, use their own judgment in deciding how best to care for you and are therefore responsible for their
own acts or omission and may not create any liability on the part of BMS & Staff.   

*To our valued customers, due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, there will be a temporary added surchargeto all of our services. We appreciate
your business & understanding.
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