Just for Men Facial: $63/60 minutes(regular $70) The ultimate masculine indulgence
-1 hour men facial will leave his skin super smooth,
deeply clean, glowing and refreshed.

Stress Relief: $117.90 / 105 minutes (regular $131)
-1 hour Massage
-Men  Essential Express Facial

Father’s Day Treat: $144 / 2hours (Reg. Price: $160)
-1 hour massage
-Just for Men Facial
-Vit C Evolutive Eye Treatment

For Dad and his Special Someone:$415.80 / 3 hours for two (Reg. Price: $462)
-1 hour Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
-1 hour Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
-Siam Style Foot Reflexology
-Siam Style Foot Reflexology
-Just for Men or European Facial
-Just for Men or European Facial
-Vit C Evolutive Eye Treatment
-Vit C Evolutive Eye Treatment

Massage Package of 5(Five) 60 minutes sessions: of  Five 1hour Massage: $337.50/5 hours (Reg. Price: $375) Research supports the health benefits of massage
therapy for conditions such as stress, fibromyalgia, low-back pain and more. You & your loved ones can benefit from adding massage therapy to your health and wellness

Facial Package of 5(Five) European Facials: of Five European Facial: $315/5 European Facial (Reg. Price: $350) Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgent
pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term. When you consider all of the regular visits you make
(dentist, hair salon, gym), you'll realize you really should be focusing some of that time on your skin—even if it's just when seasons change and your skin is at its most

Chiropractic Package of Five Chiro#2: $315 / 5 sessions (Reg. Price: $350) Spinal Realignment + application of Myogesic balm; 15 min pain relief back steam, 15 min EMS back
therapy and 10 min of Deep Tissue Work on Neck and Back

Acupuncture Follow up visit Bundle of 5: $270 / 5 hours (Reg. Price: $300) Short intake, acupuncture treatment

**Please NOTE: Specials packages are not valid with other discounts; exp. 6/30/2019
"Discovering the Secret of
Body and Mind".