Licensed Esthetician:

-Liliane Nguyen, BEO-16850             -Fumiyo Ueda, BEO-16945       -Vu Nguyen, BEO-16362

With our  ten step facial: Skin analysis; Steam with O3 to sanitize & deep cleanse your pores; Cleanse; Enzyme exfoliate to
take off dead skin cells, dirt and superficial blackheads and impurities; Steam towel(3x); Extraction of black & white head/
Massage face, neck, head, upper chest & shoulders; Facial mask to condition and improve skin texture;
Sunscreen/moisturizing.  Will leave your skin deeply clean, glowing and refreshed.

Body & Mind Facial Treatment: Our signature body & mind facial with the addition of a high-grade, nourishing mask & a
relaxing neck and shoulder massage. While you are masking, you will receive a hand treatment to soften tired hands.
90 min ($91)

Anti-Aging Lumafirm Lift & Glow Facial: This Pevonia treatment restores tightness, firmness,
luminosity & youthfulness to your skin.  60 min ($100)

European Sensation Facial: Customized for your skin type, this relaxing treatment
is a great starting point for professional skin care.   60 min ($70)

                                Just For Men Facial: Customized for men’s skin, with ingredients to prevent sensitivity & ingrown
                                hair,  help improve facial muscle tone, provide much-needed stress relief, and facilitate vastly
                                improved skin health. You may be surprised at the benefits of a facial, even for men.   60min ($70)

Essential Express Facial: Customized for your skin type, this relaxing treatment is a great starting point for professional
skin care.   45 min ($56)

                                Aromatherapy Facial: This calming blend of essential oils will soothe sensitive skin,
                                reduce redness, irritation & de-stress your mind. The head & neck lymphatic drainage
                                massage alleviates sinus tension.     60 min ($80)

Acne Treatment: Medicates, purifies follicles, accelerates clearing of existing breakout, reduces redness & inflammation;
designed especially for clogged, congested & problematic skin.      70 min ($80) We recommend a series of 6 treatments/3
months + home care products ($541.53)

Whitening Facial Treatment for Hyper-Pigmented Skin: work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin to
lighteners freckles, age spots, acne scars, or discoloration related to hormones. 60 min ($145)  ($986 for 8 treatments
(save 15%))

Facial add-ons: Marine Collagen / Vitamin C Mask ($12), Hand / Foot Shea Butter Warming Treatment with Massage ($15)

Light Green Peel: Light Organic Green Peel & Super Beauty Facial Treatment is perfect for gentle resurfacing, polishing
and refining to improve fine lines, some forms of hyperpigmentation and acne.

Deep Green Peel-a new skin in 5 days:
is the solution for various skin problems in the
face and on the body. These include: Large-pored, seborrheic skin,Impure skin,
sebum cysts, Scars,  Skin prone to premature formation of wrinkles with sagging
face contours, Sun damaged skin, Anti-Aging prophylaxis,  Some forms of hyperpigmentations,
Stretch marks (striae), Sagging skin  on the body (abdominal wall, upper arms, thighs)
a. First Visit Deep Organic Green Peel
b. Follow up Super Beauty Facial Treatment (5-10days after green peel)
$500.00/each or package of 3 peels for $1290.00

PRO Peel Micro-Retinol Treatment:
Dramatically smooting, visibly perfecting, immediately brightening & dynamically
Approximately 60 min ($100)

Rejuvenating Organic Peel:
For a total skin smoothing experience, this peel offers the proven benefits of Organic peel to
exfoliate dead cells & follow with hydrating mask & skin Elixier serum. Gentle yet effective. Recommending for all skin
. Approximately 45 min ($95)

Green Coffee Detox Body Wrap: Deeply moisturizing anti-toxin treatment soothes & firms your skin, leaving it evenly-
textured & radiant.  
  90 min ($95)

Lumafirm Lift & Glow Body Wrap:
Enriched with an exclusive combination of anti-aging extracts, the latest in peptides &
an amazing leptosomic technology. This wrap leaves every inch of skin velvety soft while rendering your body visibly
rejuvenated, instantly firmer & more toned.  
  90 min ($115)